Meetings and Events

The Hotel has three meeting rooms that can be integrated into one for a big banquet event or function for up to 100 people. The smallest meeting room (Gatbuca), can seat a maximum of 20 people and ideal for a board meeting or a similar event. The second biggest room (Calumpit) can accommodate up to 30 persons and can be used for bigger meetings or small banquets. The biggest meeting room (Malolos) can seat up to 60 people depending upon the seating arrangement.


Room Area Seminar Cocktail Banquet
MALOLOS 81.6 sq meters 48 pax 60 pax 50 pax
CALUMPIT 41.5 sq meters 32 pax 40 pax 30 pax
GATBUCA 24.9 sq meters 10 pax



Malolos Function Room


Calumpit Function Room